COVID19 Stress Package

 Feeling the Stress?......




Join Us for Support and Stress Release in this Pandemic for FREE! 




Feeling the Isolation? Going Batty (no pun intended)?

Scared to poke your head out in case you get sick? Scared you can't keep your family safe enough? 

We can't fix all of these problems but we can help you gain control of your Stress! 

Join for FREE in this Stress Management Package using a technique called Natural BioEnergetics!

This package is packed with Stress Releasing Techniques & Video Sessions.

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Over the course of 9 Days:

      Five Natural BioEnergetic Video Sessions on Stress Management tailored around this Stressful Event to follow along in.


      & Four Stress Relieving techniques that you can Apply Anywhere at home or at work or other!


      Be able to join a Facebook Group to receive help and support along the way


Everyone who Joins Us is entered in for a GRAND PRIZE of a Free One-On-One Video Session with Shannon Plus some other Stress Release Prizes! Do this all in the comfort of your home!


This is a Limited Offer for During the COVID 19 Pandemic. 


And it's FREE for EveryOne!

Get Out of the COVID 19 Jail and Come Join Us in Video Format and in a Facebook Group format at home and Receive the Support You Need!