Title: Stopping codependency and building a healthier lifestyle

Date: October 24, 2019

Time: 7:00 MST

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Helping people is healthy but there is a dangerous boundary that many cross where you are too helpful and self-seeking of approval & identity. In a sense helping people gives a person enormous gratification of "being needed." Sometimes this is out of guilt. Sometimes this is out of past experience. The person helping doesn’t see the dangers. The dangers for both the helper and the helpee! This is called co-dependency.

These dangers go by silently at first. Co-dependency enables poor behaviour in the other person as well as a need to rely on others. We even see it in some governments today handing out too many monetary handouts all in the name of keeping people dependant on them. If we over help people and start to do everything for them, they are less willing to develop the skills to get out of a situation and help themselves.

If we are in health care or in a social sector of work, we are danger of this. Yes, many are trained as to where the boundaries are. But for many, they need to work to find those boundaries. It is a skill set that takes hard work.

Until that time, one may feel guilt that they need to cross those boundaries. Or they don't feel important unless they a person needs them. And this is not good for either party in the relationship.

This session is designed to start to help you limit your co-dependency and start giving healthy help, and living a healthier, co-dependency free lifestyle. Your identity is not defined by how much a person needs you. And Establishing healthy boundaries is key to getting past this. Join Us On Thursday October 24th for this session.