Being Receptive To Your Spouse's Needs

Being Receptive To Your Spouse's Needs

Is the romance fading? Not connecting with your spouse anymore? DisInterested?


This is a danger most spouse's face if they become to relaxed in their marriage! The danger lies in loosing touch with each other's needs. A marriage takes work but sometimes we tend to loose that direction and just become complacent in our lives!


Join Shannon & Trevor in this video session as they work through areas of reassurance, priorities and feelings while touching on areas of friction and blockage. All in the name of becoming more receptive to each other's needs. No matter how fabulous your marriage is or how poor it is, it is never too late to start working in this area. Maybe you will find something new and amazing about your spouse.


Being Receptive to each other's needs is very important and we loose that when we start to just exist without much thought to each other. I challenge all couples to take this session and start rediscovering each other.



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