`Marriage & Relationships - Commnication Package

`Marriage & Relationships - Commnication Package

Marriage is not easy! 


Unfortunately the fairy tales had it all wrong. There is no such thing as happily ever after. And in today's society, divorce is hovering around the 50% mark. 


This is one area that Shannon thought, as an NB Specialist, that she would never get into but many in her private practice have been found to struggle in this area. Then all of a sudden, she was faced with her own difficulties. These are the first videos of this series (more coming soon) where she and her husband jointly work together in communications in marriage.Join in with them and take in these corrections too.


 Sessions include:

  • Breaking Down the Communications Barrier
  • Listening to your spouse's need
  • Plus bonus video to invoke thought in making your marriage better

More video will be unleashed soon. And as they are release the price will go up. So if you are purchasing it now, you will eventually have access to all these videos at your finger tips when they are released by re-downloading the package your already purchased.


Come join in and start working to make your marriage impenetrable by outside forces.


Validity : Lifetime