Blocking Out Unwelcomed Energies

Blocking Out Unwelcomed Energies

Do you take on other people's emotions? Do you find yourself over sympathetic to other people's problem and it brings you down with them?


Is it getting you into a bad slump? Is it causing problems with your daily schedule? Is it causing problems in your work place? Is it keeping you from doing your best at everything you do?


Okay, maybe you really need some help? Some of us more empathetic people are plagued with this problem. It affects basically everything we do and how we look at everyone else. And sometimes this just isn't for the better. We can get quite emotional when we don't need to be. Or we can get quite depressed when otherwise we should be stable. We just take on these extra emotions from everyone else. You just feel it all.


This session is designed for these people. Come join in and try it. It is a good start to working through this and becoming stronger at energetically resisting these energies or emotions from others that are pulling you in!!!!! 


Validity : Lifetime