Forgiveness & Acceptance of Self & Others

Forgiveness & Acceptance of Self & Others

Oddly enough, Forgiveness seems to be the root of the majority of most wellness issues. 


Even though most do not want to connect the dots or refuse to admit that there is a connection between Forgiveness and general wellness, studies are now proving that an unforgiving heart is the root of many issues, including cancer.


Why? Well, unforgiveness is one of the many stresses that induces negative hormones in the body. And when they are chronically being induced in your body, your body has to give in somewhere and it is usually in the form of disease or some form of unwellness. You body just can't cope and it gives in.


Maybe Christianity has it right after all! Let's start to do the work together to remove this Unforgiveness and begin to accept the things that we find hard to accept. This video session is a great place to start. Hope to see you there!


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