Focusing on New Beginnings

Focusing on New Beginnings

Although this is a kick-off session to getting back into the grove for the fall, it can be applied to new beginnings anywhere. Are you being faced with a dauntless task? Fear of the future. Sometimes our inner voice can get us muddled.


This is a good Light session to start getting you to move in the right directions.


This session works on vibration, some paralyzing thought processes and more to help get you back on the road to brighter success. Whether you are just trying to get in the groove with the children's new schedule of activities or back into the flow of your own extra curricular events, this session is perfect to start taking the fear and frustration out of things.


Full pre-recorded info is included before the session begins to give you instructions on how to approach this video session. Take some time out for yourself.......Enjoy, relax, and let the session work.


Validity : Lifetime