Listening To Your Spouse's Needs

Listening To Your Spouse's Needs

Are you told your never listen to your spouse when they are talking?

Are you accused of selective hearing?

Or do you feel your are never listened to by your partner?

In this session we work on both sides of the coin by removing some blocks or glitches that seem to cause us to tune out. Sometimes it may be deeply rooted in our own emotions and needs like loneliness.

Start taking the steps to be listen to work on yourself and become a better listener to your spouse. It's a two way street. And even though we may think we are listening to them, maybe we are slowly turning the volume knob to low or even mute.

This is a great place to start in the communicate area of your marriage. A highly recommended video session to try.

Shannon and her husband Trevor video share their thoughts and feelings as they go through the session. You too can follow along this step by step session with your spouse.


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