About Vibresonate

Facilitators at Vibresonate have been working for years...

....with clients like you. Our goal is to not have you dependent on western medicine! Don't get us wrong, there is a place for western medicine, especially in emergency situations. But we believe that to live a good healthy life, you can't have someone else running it for you.

Self-Help is an Important Part in this process. So we have rounded up some of our best tools for you. 

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How We Got Our Name....

Living to the fullest means vibrating at a healthy level! 
Healthy People Resonate and vibrate with good Frequency.
What a novel Ideal to combine these Ideas of
 - Vibe & Resonate! Voila! "Vibresonate!"

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We are facilitators that care

We are fully trained and competent professionals in Natural BioEnergetics. We work to help you correct the blocks, disruptions and glitches that are preventing your body from entering into a natural healing state or falling through with commitments or needs. 
And we coach you through the steps to access the solution you need for your issue.

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Who Can Use US?

Anyone Searching For A Better Solution...

We work with people both in group session and individual format. The only prerequisite is that you want an alternative solution. Need One-On-One sessions. Book through this site. Or Work through the material we have provided here.

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What Are WE Not?

We are not doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists or other medical specialists and therefore do not work from the perspective of a diagnosis. For some people this can be a problem, but honestly, only a doctor can legally diagnose and manage any illness. 

Where we differ is that we teach you to manage your own wellness. And once you have that down, your need to be maintained by anyone slowly diminishes.

We do not diagnose. If you need a diagnosis, we strongly recommend you see a physician. And we do not prescribe any medication. We are strictly into modifying lifestyle and providing the body with what it so desperately is asking for through determining what it is lacking..

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How We Work....

We work in both one-on-one appointment format and by group session. All appointments are Online based. Individual Pre-Paid appointments can be made through our online Booking system or you can purchase a discounted package for a block of professional appointments. 

More and more people are relying on online Telehealth based appointments. Busy schedules, busy interstates and freeways, or just too sick to leave the home......it all contributes. In the age of information and convenience, online appointments are just easy.

Will I have the Same Professional each time?

Of course, unless we feel we need to refer you to someone who specializes in another area. But that would be done with your permission first.

See our Pricing section for more details... 

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