Chemical verses Natural

There seems to be a growing number of illness, disease and general unwellness in today’s society. I heard the argument that we are just finding out the research and information now and that is why we are seeing it or that the population is so much higher and we are just seeing more incident of it!


But really, 100 years ago, did we really see the sickness  per capital that we see today? The rates should not change and they have. What is happening?

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Does Thought Affect Your Healing

Ever notice those that are sickest usually are the hardest to be around? They have a dismal attitude, always a downer and often seem to whine all the time.

Is that a product of sickness or is it the cause of sickness? 

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Why is there an increase in Gluten Intolerance

We see an ever increasing rate of irritable bowel, diverticulitis, crohn’s, colitis, bowel cancers, skin disorders and/or rashes, cramping, brain fogginess, and many other issues that are popping up and a greater frequency than a few decades ago. Why is it so?

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3 Easy Tricks to Decreasing Pain & Inflammation

We crack it up to “Getting Old” but honestly we don’t have to accept that. Yes, there is to some degree wear and tear of our bodies. But really, it comes down to a choice of how much of this  process of inflammation are we going to accept before we do something about it….

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