Chemical verses Natural

There seems to be a growing number of illness, disease and general unwellness in today’s society. I heard the argument that we are just finding out the research and information now and that is why we are seeing it or that the population is so much higher and we are just seeing more incident of it!


But really, 100 years ago, did we really see the sickness  per capital that we see today? The rates should not change and they have. What is happening?


I am not going to go into what some call conspiracy theories. Another subject for another day. But I will encourage you to take a look at a simple thought. A thought that shouldn’t matter whether you are a Darwinist or a Creationist. The only fundamental difference in the two is their believe as to where we came from.


We both can attest that our body have a natural state and we both can attest that our body were not designed to live on nourishment made from chemical. Regardless of where we believe we come from, we both can admit that there was a time when mankind was not exposed to the chemical components that he is today.


Our bodies are not designed to be treated both nutrition-wise and wellness-wise with chemicals - for example: chemically modified food and medication. In the days of old we did just fine without the chemical components we use today.


Since the arrival of modern medical care, Big Pharma and the industrial revolution, life has never been the same. It started slowly but in recent decades, the damage has exploded.


It’s no wonder we see an increase in general unwellness in mankind. A general Unwellness that never existed more than a century ago when we ate from our gardens and chemical interference was at a minimum.


Couple this with a bombardment of high frequency from microwave towers, cell towers, HARRP, WIFI and so much more, our body just want to stop and shut down.


And modern medicine just focuses on helping us keep the same self-abusive lifestyle by keeping us dependent on their witchcraft chemical potions. All that maybe required is a lifestyle change that most people are unwilling or too lazy to even try.


Yes, returning to a simpler lifestyle takes work especially in this age of convenience. And the medical field has people brainwashed that they are the only way. It’s really too bad.


Just today I saw a post of how someone no longer could take the medicine she needed because her doctor had passed away! Not that I wish anything ill onto anyone but it is apparent that the medical community had her brainwashed. Pain and depression was more of a symptom of what was really happening and there are other choices. No they are not instant like taking a pill. Most people will not even consider natural health choices because it takes a lot of hard work!


A lifestyle change does remove most symptoms for most people but never overnight. Getting healthy takes work. But the pay-off is huge.


I am advising against medical advise. Anyone who embarks on going natural does need to remain in a physician’s care if they were previously seeing one because weaning yourself off of medication is not something you should do without a physician’s help. And finding that right physician that will guide you through that process is hard to do.


But what I am saying is that medical has overstepped their bounds from tending to emergency needs (where they should remain treating) to meddling in the welfare of everyday lifestyle by causing more problems than those they have set out to cure!  Many of our diseases today are a direct result of chemical and frequency flooding in our bodies from those major industries that we’re mentioned above.


So the next time you go to a physician and find out you have an issue, I encourage you to not only research medical treatments but also natural treatments. Your body may thank you for your choices someday! Don't let anyone tell you that you are being irresponsible by choosing natural.